Jun 302016

You work at something as hard as you can
and sometimes you win, sometimes you lose
When you lose, but you’ve given it your sll

Well, that hurts, no doubt about it
Fate doesn’t care hpw hard you’ve tried
your friends might or your loved ones

but fate, blind fate, doesn’t care
It may not be fair, the stakes may be high
fate doesn’t care how hard you’ve tried

Now don’t pretend it doesn’t hurt
to lose something precious to your heart
Keep it real, as they say

Sometimes you must dig down into the pain
Sometimes you must stand out into a in the bitter
in te bitter, in the bitter cold rain

Don’t get lost in the pie in the sky
Face your heartache, straight up
Don’t be a phony

You know people always know
wen you’re playing a game

People always know
but more important,
you know

and it prevents your growth
into a better human being
with more to create

and more to give

Deep in the mountains
you will have a reason to live
sharing what you know

have come to know through hard knocks
sitting at the fire with other distant travelers
sharing whatever wisdom you’ve gained

over the many years, trough many trials
sometimes trying as hard as you can
but losing anyway


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