Dec 262014

Families broken, words unspoken
It should not be this way, you say

but is often true in today’s world
Words unspoken can drive a wedge
in relationships

Sometimes you need to sit down
and have a heart to heart with someone
even if it is scary

to bring up the skeleton
in the closet or the elephant
in the room

We may try to keep up a good front
but no one is perfect and we all know that
Everyone has some character defect

to some degree, or two or three

Show me anyone past the age of 10
who has not made a grievous error
or two or three or more

I certainly have

In this world so filled with travail
and misunderstanding we need
to keep ourselves together

but also forge new bonds
or strengthen the ones we have
It is not enough to stand still

not enough to stand still in life
because life itself is a growing thing
not stagnant

When life becomes stagnant
it begins to die from the root

So we must find a way to get up
and move if we wish to prosper
on the inside

I am not talking about money
Material things come and go
but the spirit lives on

I believe that the spirit lives on

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