Jun 072015

ISIS, Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Israel, extreme right fundamentalist Christians in the USA, a mindless media
and too many ignorant and narrow minded politicians

and some with the bomb, others want the bomb
and the cross-currents of hate are virtually incomprehensible
some Americans care, while others don’t, and some
simply understand the dangers we face

Moderate opinion is squelched, Obama is sliced up
like a piece of meat, so much hidden jealousy out there
The man is smart and creative, compassionate, too
He is imperfect, but doing the best he can

But Americans with a conscience must not give up
Creative people must add their voices, or drop out
Those like us in the suburbs must step out
of their comfort zone

We are safe for now, but real danger lurks
and we must not forget the very poor, the homeless
and near homeless, the disabled and elderly
must not forget

we are our suffering brother’s and sister’s keeper
lending a hand surely, but encouraging independence
Rejecting violence, no matter the source
Opening up our little boxes,

religious sectarianism, schools that squelch creativity
taking the safe course, more concerned with their jobs
than doing the right thing, schools hiding imperfections
folks running scared in the professional world…

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