Jan 092014

My dreams lately tend to be about potential danger. Prophesy or simply warning to take extra care? You never know for sure with dreams. But if you dig deep you can usually get to the bottom of it. (Forget those books with pat answers based on what words “signify” in a dream.) Such warning dreams can instill fear, and how to deal with fear? Address the underlying issues and talk with at least one trusted person–not necessarily a therapist. Then, you must be aware that you can be blindsided by a crisis that has not been anticipated in the dream or conscious mind. The unconscious can pick up on potential danger of a generalized sort. Or perhaps you have been too lax lately in taking care–for example, driving crazy on the highway, or spending beyond your means and running up exorbitant debts. Then, prayer or meditation is vital. I do that in the morning, usually, though sometimes when fearful I pray/meditate (it is a mix for me) on the spot.

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