Apr 132014

Transitioning out of homelessness: Of course, it can be tricky transitioning out of homelessness. Many folks end up living with family or friends for a time. Unless you want to create an alternative kind of family unit, it is a good idea to have a firm goal to become independent residentially. For many, an adequate job is key, of course. Being unemployed can be nearly as traumatic as being homeless and almost always they go together. Many of the homeless want desperately to be independent; others do not care, and some do take advantage of the system. It’s a mixed bag, with the mentally disabled, mentally ill, formerly incarcerated, people down on their luck, so to speak, broken people from broken homes (good line for a poem or song) among the population. I am thankfully that family did help me with a place to stay during my transition period, as I needed a relatively long period to regain a measure of independence–as I recovered from previously untreated Bipolar Disorder

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