Dec 142014

After a difficult night of pain, I felt disoriented, but things are better now. Linda and I went out for a good breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Now Linda is asleep and we have been listening to meditation music. Life is sometimes filled with travail. That’s reality. But we must never give up striving to fulfill our mission on earth and I believe we all have a unique mission to fulfill. I believe that a guardian angel has kept me alive so that I can complete mine. We bought a cup at Cracker Barrel and the inscription reads, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart,” and on the back “Do your best.” A great message for today and for this day and time in history, when opposing seem to be pulling our nation and the world apart. We cannot stand by and allow disunity to lead us into violent confrontation. We must get to the root of these problems–whether they be racial, religious or ideological.

I received a nasty note from an agent yesterday that tore at my self-confidence for a while, but I have regained my strength to keep on writing and striving to get my message out there. This is part of my overall mission: creative writing. Another part has to do with advocacy for the poor, A third is to fulfill my responsibility to family and friends–to give love and uplift their spirits.

There are people out there who will try to hurt you, to destroy your spirit. These people must be faced down, or they must simply not be allowed to succeed.

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