Feb 272014


When someone’s on top
there are people who will run to him
or her, as the case may be
When someone hits bottom there are people who will abandon him
as quick as lightning
Some are only out for themselves,
others will reach out a helping hand



I’m tired of it being cold
I’m tired of people being cold

The invisible train is passing through at four a.m.
The sound of the train is a moaning sound
and always has been

Yet there are warm people
Yet here is the dawning of light
Yet there is the advent of spring



Maybe if I had settled down long ago
I would have avoided a great deal of trauma
But staying in one place may not have been
the panacea to set me on the high road
Who knows about the pathway pursued
by you or me over the years?
Maybe I would have made the same mistakes
at that age and time and space

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