Apr 232014

I guess when you’ve been pushed down enough you just have to laugh. Some people in this world don’t care a bit about others’ feelings. Psychiatry calls them sociopaths. I call them evil. These are the ones who, when they rise to the top, snub their noses at the folks struggling to gain a foothold economically or occupationally or emotionally. These are the people completely sure of themselves 100% of the time. (No normal person is sure of him/herself 100% of the time.) These are the people who love to use sarcasm to tear down your spirit. They are out there, and most NOT in prison. I think it is important to recognize that the words good and evil are not just old fashioned words, but have extreme relevance in today’s world. Just look around you. Most people DO have an intact conscience, and do feel genuine guilt or remorse when they hurt someone, intentionally or not. But others just don’t give a d___. We need to be aware of this reality.

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