Dec 092014

The things that truly matter:

We must not lose focus on them;

Compassion, loyalty,


meaningful work, creativity

Taking good care of mind and body

considering the fate of the cosmos


Exposing oneself to music and nature

sharing your creativity with others


It is so easy to get distracted

by noise, cars whizzing by on Route 25

Sirens waiting, motors revved up


shouting from the project

across the street. You wonder

if a child is being hurt


bills, and dunning letters and harassing phone calls

though of course we must strive to m pay off our debts


The state of America and the world

too much schism and acrimory


too much emphasis on material possessions

Too much emphasis on trying to out superior

and make someone else small


too much manipulation, too little straight talk

too little really honest sharing


Focusing on the things that matter

vital for everyone to pitch in

in this time of travail


Patrick Frank

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