Dec 052014

I am thinking a lot about entropy lately, the tendency in a system for things to break down and devolve into a state of disorder. This physics concept, of course, has application to our lives. How do we counter this tendency? It seems to me, through the application of intelligence as well as a finely tuned sense of right and wrong, a moral code, the thing that is absent in people whom we come to label as sociopathic. This entropy concept applies to event that are unfolding in our nation and world, and, of course, sometimes in our personal lives. The answer to entropy, in my view, lies in the strong application of intelligence and conscience to any situation, whether it be political, social or personal.

Now, some people welcome complete breakdown of a system, feeling that something much better can then arise to take its place. I think this may possibly happen, or not. Further, in looking at the evolution of political systems, I see a tendency for one regime to replace another, with high hopes for reform, and then eventually the new regime develops its own serious problems, including tendencies toward corruption. On the personal level, individuals may marry and divorce and re-marry multiple times thinking each time that the new relation will be ideal, but then eventually personality or emotional or others problems may manifest themselves over and over. Of course, multiple divorce is common in the USA and I have been there, done that, but thankful now that my current marriage has lasted ten years and going strong. Howe have we managed to avoid repeating the same pattern of entropy? I think through communication and working through problems on a DAILY basis, not allowing thing to fester in the relationship for days or weeks or months on end. Also, we both have sought therapeutic and medical help for our problems at various times. And that has continued.Finally, we both have a spiritual basis, hers coming from the Baha’i perspective, mine from the Taoist/Buddhist perspective. We have also attended Unity Church together. I am considering checking in with a Reform Jewish group in town. What ties this all together is a belief in spiritual reality that transcends the limits of materialism, and, I think, also, belief in a benign universal intelligence. I won’t go any further with this, since I am far from being a theologian!

Anyway, back to entropy: I think through the application of intelligence and conscience, we can counter this tendency toward breakdown of systems. Some say the universe itself is likely to devolve into a completely chaotic and meaningless state. Others believe that this tendency can be countered through the application of science. Some say we are destined in America and the world as a whole to see anarchy reign in a political and social sense. I believe that this tendency can also be countered…

through the applications of intelligence and a finely-tuned sense of right and wrong.

That’s how I see it.

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