Feb 252015

The sky turning dark
and it’s not just twilight
It schism in the USA
It’s hate and fear and greed
It;s the war on science
It’s people decapitated

Snowstorm coming in tomorrow
A ton of snow
A brutal winter
Will it ever end?

Will the USA become united again,
ever again, will religion cease
to become a battleground, ever again,

ever again, will folks learn to accept
themselves and others ever again?

Will grassroots poets be ignored
Will the homeless be driven out
will old folks be dismissed
their wisdom unacknowledged?

Will the races be divided forever?

Will university education become
a thing of the past?

Will liberals and conservatives of good will
never discover a way to bridge the gap,
never find a way to reason together?

Will warfare continue, and spread
across the globe, will folks ever come together
and speak out, raise one voice, insist
that killing is not the answer?

Will life on earth become unbearable
long after I am gone, for our children
and grandchildren?

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