Aug 162015

The search for a way inside

a place where the soul can’t hide
Many pathways of the mind lead in
but which one is right you me
or you

The silence leads me in
The sound of the cicada leads me in
The music leads me in,
right now Jackson Browne
but other artists, too

Displaying courage
in the face of oppression
leads me in
A good joke leads me in
(sometimes a bad one, too)

The mountains lead me in
(the ocean, too)

Love leads me in
and beauty, inside and out

Searching for a pathway in
Sometimes I wake up from a dream
with the answer (Freud was right)

Transforming chaos into order
leads me in

Allowing the mind
to be caught up in the wind
leads me in, and the wind itself
and the driving rain

I cannot grow for long
if I stay on the outside
I mean caught up in the traffic
with strangers all around
and no friends
with only scammers and Officialdom

I cannot discover true friends
or they cannot discover me
if I stay remain only on the outside
I have to go deep inside
then come back out
before the friends and loved ones appear
of before I am capable of perceiving them

I must discover the pathway leading in
and when I do, walk down in
because the deepest part of the self
leads one, eventually
to the farthest reaches of the universe

The deepest part of the self
a place of adventure
a place to safely explore
no drugs needed

in the place where the great spirit resides

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