Mar 282015

Starting up in new place, with very little money: It can scare the h___ out of you. How to find a room or efficiency, some kind of job, a friend or two, someone, perhaps, to love, can seem like insurmountable tasks. Whoever says such a transition is easy, they are probably lying, they actually may be crying on the inside, they may even feel like dying, at some level. Being a stranger while maintain awareness of the universal spirit that lies within: This constitutes an art form, in itself.

You may find yourself trudging down dark, unfamiliar streets for hours, you may get tired and fall asleep sitting up at the bus station or in an all-night coffee shop–at least until you get rousted out of these places. You may finally end up in a homeless shelter on the shady side of town, may stand in line for an hour or two until you (if you are lucky) gain entrance, But the most difficult task before you may be to transform being a stranger into being a real, live, individual person and child of God–in someone’s eyes. It can take a long time to develop the kind of trust that result in real friendship, not to mention love.

If you are lucky or persistent you may find a very good professional helper to assist you in this grueling transition, or an exceptional 12-step group, or a truly accepting religious body. Some folks seem to be somehow lucky and opportunities seem to fall into their laps. Good for them, but many others may face seemingly insurmountable odds as they strive to re-establish themselves in a new locale.

This is where personal, inner resources of strength can prove vital. I am talking about a deep-seated spirituality, creativity, musical appreciation or expression, and/or an organizing and planning ability to meet the task of relocation.

Now, when a ____ load of heavy drugs are on board, the task of healthy relocation can be rendered virtually impossible. But, on the other hand, miracles can and do occur. The intervention of one’s Higher Power can and does prove crucial. By Higher Power, I mean the Great Spirit which forms a strong link between the deepest part of the self and the limitless arena which we refer to as the cosmos, At least, that’s how I conceive of Higher Power.

There is more to be said about the daunting life transition I am referring to, but I will stop here…

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