Oct 012014

The night is still at 3 a.m.
Me and the cats sharing this moment
The crickets chirp quietly

Tonight there is no savage rain
My body and soul, they feel no pain
My mind is clear

Lately, I have been slowing my pace
staying home more, except for a sojourn
to the cafe

I need more silence now
not the fancy word, meditation
just to rest in the stillness

It’s been a long, hard journey
down this pathway of life

I’ve made many missteps
but somehow survived it all…
I have a Guardian angel

came to me when I was five

I wish I could remember
every moment I have lived
relive all my choices

good and bad

Maybe then I would understand
why I took so many falls, but finally
landed upright

I wish to understand
find my way to the Pure Land
of forgiveness

forgive myself for any pain I inflicted

forgive others for hurting me

Much of the hurting
was probably unintended
by myself and others

Much of the hurting was caused
by lack of mindfulness, not sadism
but the effect is the same

Now, some people in the world
who seem to lack a conscience
and who manipulate

I simply try
to keep my distance
from them…


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