Apr 282014

“Can’t you what that woman, Lord, been doin’ to me…Gonna take a freight train, down ta the station, Lord, ain’t never comin’ back, gonna ride me a Southbound, all the way to Georgia, Lord”  (Marshall Ticket Band)

Never mind about blaming the woman for the problem, for the moment…With, the loss of a primary relationship, this can lead to general instability, a more transitory existence, wandering, the experience of feeling alienated from others, and eventually a kind of a numbed-out trauma feeling that can inhibit rational thought.

One can feel induced, indeed compelled to move when you are not prepared or it is wide to do so in your confused state. You may leave with little or no money, not enough to purchase housing, and there you are, homeless, in more ways than one. So the causes of homelessness are incredibly intertwined, and we have not even scratched the surface

Then, the breakup of the relationship can have a great to do with job instability or working for inadequately low pay, which bothers the partner, and leads to friction. The job-pay situation may very well be related to the economy and political decision-making in DC, but there is little that you can do about that right now. Your primary focus is survival, not protest and that is understandable.

But let me get back to my main point. The state of key relationships can play a key role in the intertwined dynamic that leads one to the point of residential homelessness. You might even be tempted to refer to this dynamic as “being caught in a vicious circle,”  But the experience may be more akin to “stepping into a vicious circle,” which may describe how the experience feels subjectively. But it also may imply  can imply a lack of personal responsibility, which can and should not be lost sight of.

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