Apr 202014

There are, of course, several ways of looking at homelessness–from the social-political standpoint, from the psychiatric standpoint, and from the personal growth standpoint. Of course, as an advocate for the poor, I am well aware of the social-political factors that lead to homelessness. And in my case, psychiatric intervention was key to recovery. But beyond that, such factors as self-determination and basic coping skills and taking responsibility play a key role, also. It is important for the homeless person to avoid a blaming mindset if he/she wants to recovery. Whatever external factors contributed to the decline to homelessness eventually the homeless person must take the bull by the horns and exert effort and employ common sense if he is to extricate himself from the homeless pattern. I work for political and social change, but also realize that I must take responsibility for my part in creating the decline and take action to change my pattern of living day to day.

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