Apr 152014

The Happy Tree (a story by Patrick Frank, lost) but resurrected by him, in a first draft…

Sometimes things can change before your eyes without you realizing it, like the time children on their way to school discovered a huge fence surround the vacant lot where their was a great climbing tree where they used to play on their way home from school, or on Saturdays. It was a tall, chain link fence that the children could not surmount, no matter how hard they tried.

The children were very sad, and so was the tree. The children cried human tears, the tree cried tears with their sap.

So many fantasy games the kids played in the great, welcoming branches of the tree. The tree could serve as a castle, inhabited by a prince and princess or a rocket ship carrying astronauts to another world. The kids would come up with many other fantasies they could play out in the great branches of this huge oak.

Construction was being done inside the fence. The workers were aware of the frustration of the kids who hung around the fence, but there was nothing they could do about it. After a couple of months, some weeks, in human time, a large building began to take shape, and finally, after a third month had passed, it appeared that the construction was nearing its completion. Finally, one of the workers said to the other, tomorrow they can come, and tore down the fence overnight.

The next day when the kids passed by they noticed, to their delight, that the fence was down, and a sign had been erected, and it said, The New Site of Pine Street Elementary School (their school), scheduled to open by the end of the month. And there, on the school playground, stood their favorite climbing tree!

The kids were delighted, of course, and cried tears of joy, while the tree cried tears of sap. The tree had been shedding leaves due to its sadness, but now those leaves were beginning to grow back.

It would not be long before the kids could climb their favorite climbing tree once more! Yes, sometimes things can change before your eyes without you realizing, for the worse, or for the better.

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