Jul 072014

The cats, after our 3 week absence, all over us today all of the pets and scratching they missed….We are very tired from this around the country car trip….Amazing how artists I once dismissed are now at the top of my list, e.g. U2 and Springsteen…Good that Israel arrested those idiots who killed that Palestinian teen…Law suit pending in NC voting regulation case. College students have joined the suit because of age discrimination…

Twilight is beautiful and peaceful in Asheville. Sun still shining on the leaves, birds singing…If you think it’s fate, you’d better wait…Love is a temple love’s a higher law (U-2)…It looks like I will be participating in two conferences fairly soon, to do a workshop and give a talk…On the trip, we saw an eagle, many hawks and crows, white cows with strange faces, unidentified birds that made sounds like a parrot would make, and actually produced wolf whistles!

I have dermo problems, feel like bugs are crawling on me. Will be checking in with the doc…My knee remains very dicey…Mentally, I am fine…Creatively, I am fine…I am thankful for family and friends!

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