Apr 142014

It is possible to become addicted to the EXCITEMENT of being homeless. This is a very real phenomenon seldom recognized by mental health professionals. Actually, addiction to excitement can happen to anyone: an affair is exciting, for example, but can easily destroy a marriage, drug use is exciting, by definition, or why do it, but it can destroy mind, body, relationships and jobs. Homelessness can be exciting; there is a sense of freedom associated with it; but this lifestyle does not permit one to built a stable foundation from which to grow into a responsible human being. I am speaking very frankly here. Yes, homelessness can teach you a lot, and give3 you a lot of material to write about, but in the end, this proves destructive–of self and sometimes others who need you to be a stable human being. I have felt that excitement, when homelessness. The thrill of it carried me along for a while, but not forever, not even for a year. I had to get out of it, before it became a trap for me from which I could not escape.

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