Jun 242016

When the darkness falls
it could be time for good spirits
to come together

share the light
share the warmth
of a touch

share from the heart
not just a part of what you are feeling
but share the essence

take a risk, don’t hold back
and take the time to listen
to the other

feel your companion’s feeling
take the time, be a true friend
not disappearing

not vanishing into the wind
staying together, lighting a candle
in the darkness

until the dawn’s light rises again
because it surely will, darkness
will give way to light

because that’s the way of the cosmos
an intricate dance of darkness and light
leading to a miraculous transformation

the advent of life
the color of green
so hold on

so share this life
these precious moments
the ones we’re given

let us not waste
the chance we have been given
to nurture the miracle of life

the color of the green

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