Mar 072015

The so-called class war is a phony war. We are all simply human beings, putting on our pants one leg at a time. No class has a monopoly on good or evil. And many people in this country have shifted classed anyway, in the course of their lives. Some politicians use the so-called  class war to advance their political fortunes. This is unfortunate to the max. It tend to divide people who need not be divided at all.

Sociopathy, characterized by a lack of conscience, cuts across all social classes. Sociopaths take advantage of people on many levels, by mugging them on the street, or by stealing their bank accounts through internet chicanery.

I have had a taste of being rich, poor, or middle class in the course of my life. What hurts me the most, at every economic level, is when someone lies to me, tries to manipulate me, use me, dehumanize me. These things happen at every economic level.

The rich are not superior because they are rich; neither are the poor inferior. It is obvious that people become rich or poor for a variety of reasons; further, fortunes can change, sometimes dramatically.

When well off or middle class people reach out to the poor in order to make themselves feel superior, well, that sort of motive defeats the purpose of giving. The fact is that I have met the most wonderful people at the lower echelon of society. And some rich people I have met turned out to be real jerks.

But some rich and middle class people give out of the purest motives. It’s an individual thing we are talking about.

I hate the so-called class war. (Obviously, I am not a Marxist). It does more to divide rich and poor than any other factor in our society, But sometimes the rich do take advantage of the poor in ways that they may or may not fully recognize. When rich politicians insist that the minimum wage should remain at $7.15, this stand is, in my view, unconscionable. My God, I’d like to see these economically bloated politicians live at $7.15 an hour. I understand that Walmart raised their minimum wage to $10, reportedly under pressure. Why did it have to be under pressure, if that is true. Well, anyway, it’s good that they raised it.

One of my mantras remains: “Seek justice for yourself AND others.”

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