Jul 212014

The nether world of dreams
neither here nor there, I hate
to exist in the in-between

I want to know
where I stand

I want you to know
what I truly believe

I need security, a place where I can grow
not a prison, but a place I can call home

I existed
in the nether world
too long

It’s like a dream that you can’t quite recall
It’s like a cliff you are approaching but can’t
quite see, and then you fall

I’m too smart and I’m too old
to allow that to happen again

A world of chaos is not for me
but don’t get me wrong, my soul
must be free

Freedom and security
they can co-exist, no matter what
our screwed up culture says

I like to stand on solid ground
then spread my wings and fly

like the black-winged hawk
my spirit bird, leading me

No need to hide
I’m strong inside

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