Dec 242014

It’s Christmas Eve and I should be joyful
but the problems of the world are bearing down
on me right now

Forgive me brothers and sisters

The problems of the world
are bearing down on me

right now

I’ve got some money in my pocket
and I’ve got a woman to love, but the joful spirit
well, it’s eluding me right now

Families are split apart
and weapons of destruction
well, they abound

And many seem ready to fight
And many think that they’re always right
But I should be joyful

It’s Christmas Eve and the Star of Bethlehem
Well, I know in the hearts of many it will be blazing

I know it could be me, suffuced in starlight
I would only step outside our door, maybe
at midnight

I know it could be, my spirit renewed
if I would only step outside, feel the fresh wind
even if it embedded in a gale

My spirit could be renewed
but it’s up to me to rise up
and make a move

No one can do it for me

So forgive me, friends
if I don’t feel the Spirit

It’s Christmas, a time to be joyful
with anticipation, frorgive me friends
but don’t give up on me

I always rise back up
Yes, that’s my nature
and step out

step out into the darkness
at midnight, to feel the clean, cold wind
rushing down from the mountain

lifting my spirit
renewing my sense of hope
It’s up to me

tonight I could be bathed in starlight
The world might be going crazy with avarice
and indifference to poverty

But I could step out, it’s up to me
and maybe make some small difference
if the Great Spirit grants me life

in 2015, to make a difference
reach out to others with my words
and music and do what’s right.

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