Aug 142014

“You don’t have to live like a refugee”  We do have a choice, whether to accept the attributions foisted on us by others who may be jealous or just be mean-spirited. It’s not always easy. “Everybody’s got to fight to be free”  It’s not always easy to look inside and see the beauty there, to hold your head high, but it can and should be done. There are people in this world who, sadly, just want to lift themselves up by stepping on others. We see this in society and in our private lives. They have a touch–at least–of sociopathy inside them. They are the emotional or physical bullies of this world. But ultimately, they are cowards, and we can stand up to them, or simply walk away, with our heads held high.

Among the homeless you have individuals who have come to believe that they somehow deserve to “live like a refugee.” These folks have accepted the negative attributions foisted on them by sadistic others. (Not all of the homeless fit into this category.) They are punishing themselves for no good reason. They can be helped, but they do need good counseling from someone who believes in their capacity to grow, to formulate or reformulate a positive self-image. It used to be called “unconditional positive regard” in the counseling field. Some counselor have it. Somer don’t. Seek out the good ones.

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