Mar 052014

Back before Bipolar hit, or I was aware of it

My life seemed to be on some kind of track


Slowly things started to unravel

I continued on a chaotic course


I tried to help my mentally ill mom

Some might say it as a meager effort


I did the best I could, but still feel guilty


Now that I have been in gradual recovery since ‘99

I can see the course of my life much more clearly


I still have wounds and regrets, errors of judgment

That hurt myself and others, aspirations unmet


But now I see that I finally landed on my feet

With greater mindfulness and a conscience


I make my mistakes and face challenges

that sometimes seem overwhelming


I’m in a creative groove, have friends

and loved ones and strive every day

to face both sides of reality:

the good and bad in myself

and others


while retaining a strong sense of hope

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