Dec 232014

Random Thoughts

Up in the middle of the night
creating, awaiting the dawn

Sometimes there are more mysteries
to solve in a day, a week, a month, a year
a lifetime

I do the best I can to discern the truth
The world is filled with from deception

There are lies of omission and acts of commission
There is selfish disregard for the needs of others

There is arrogance, and there is brutality

First, look within, to evaluate your own behavior
Then examine the culture within which you live

First, see what you can do
to right any wrongs within yourself
and then make real changes

Then see what you can do
to right the wrongs you encounter
in your culture and the world

Don’t allow others to dictate
what you can do and say, also be sure
to eliminate the tyrant within

I am not always right
and neither are you

Be yourself, always
Tear away the mask

Speak out, tell the forbidden truth
and get to the heart of the matter

Abandon vague expressions
One must speak the truth coldly
and boldly sometimes

Strive to make a difference
in the world, while you live

and give your love

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