Mar 092016

Linda fell in love with plates as decorative objects as a young child.  Her grandmother had plates hung on her walls all over the house.  She also had a china cabinet in the hallway that Linda liked to stare in looking at the lovely plates and other ceramic treasures.   Her grandmother always emphasized that these plates were “antiques” and gave the impression that they were more precious than gold.  Little did Linda know that as an adult, some of these plates would hang on her walls and that not all “antiques” were worth a lot of money.

Linda’s attraction to plates continued to grow once she had a home of her own.  A must in every kitchen she had was a display of her plate collection.  She was not concerned whether they were antique or not; they must just be beautiful.  Her plate collection came with her on her many moves.  When she discovered etsy, she realized that most of her plates were over twenty years old and therefore were vintage.  That was the start of her etsy shop, bbagllady vintage (later changed to Linda Frank Crafts).

She started listing the plates that had a maker’s mark on the bottom or she somehow was able to determine they were, in fact, twenty years old.  Many she did not list because she was not sure.  Some of her current plate collection are the following:Tropicale upcycled wool coasters

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