Oct 052014

Yes, people pass
in and out of your life
Who can say why?

Sometimes people fade away
run away, don’t want to play the price
of hanging in there

with a relationship

And I’m not talkin’ about the money kind
I’m talking’ about time, and effort, and risk
sometimes risk

Not to many people around
willing to pay the price anymore
everyone too distracted

Some simply don’t like you enough
right, to want to be a lifelong friend

I understand that.

But it makes me sad
how many people pass in and out
of life

like ships passing, they say

Then there are those who disappear
because they have died,loved ones, too
and you feel the deep loss

the deep loss of their presence

I admit it, I would like to have
more lifetime friends, I have a few now
but I want more

We move around to much
we lose touch, and to me
it’s not a healthy thing

That’s how I see it

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