patrick-frankPatrick Frank is a poet-essayist-songwriter and advocate for the poor with a teaching and counseling background. He has experienced poverty and homelessness, as well as Bipolar Disorder, but has regained his independence through the creative process as well as good psychiatric treatment. That personal journey has been a great contributor to Patrick’s campaign to lift up the poor and the outsider.

Patrick was born and spent early years in New York, but after his parents’ divorce he moved to South Florida, where he completed high school. Patrick holds a BA in Drama from the University of Florida, an MS in Habilitative Sciences from Florida State University and a Specialist degree in Counselor Education from the University of Florida.

Along the way from there to here, Patrick has written poetry, essays, and song lyrics; counseled alcoholics, the mentally disabled, criminal justice clients, and at-risk kids; and taught special education in several settings. During the 1960s, he was involved in the civil rights movement in Northern Florida. His father, the late Pat Frank, authored the widely acclaimed novel, Alas, Babylon. Patrick continues to engage in social justice work and has been a strong supporter of Barack Obama since 2007.

He is drawn to Eastern philosophy, Asian poetry, humanistic psychology, and contemporary song lyrics. In the Asheville, North Carolina area, you are likely to find Patrick at an open mic where he frequently plays out. He also writes political columns from a moderate-liberal point of view, which appear frequently in the Asheville Citizen Times. Patrick’s writing has been published in about 60 periodicals and has appeared in several anthologies.

Patrick has written many books which are available through amazon.com — see the whole list on the BOOKS Page.

Patrick says,

I am married to a great woman, Linda Frank. Our home in the Blue Ridge Mountain area of North Carolina seems to act as a third party in the creative endeavors found within this website.

I am proud of my son, Mike, who has a great heart along with a PhD in Electrical Engineering from MIT.

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