May 122015

Out of chaos. gradually toward order
Out of discord, gradually toward accommodation
Small steps. building trust. bit by bit
Healing takes time, forgiveness takes time
Gradually, the present takes over
from the dead weight of the past
Gradually the dead weight of the past recedes
gone, gone, but not forgotten
because traumatic moments do leave a scar
no denying it, people will tell you
who have been through deep trauma
that it stays with you in some form
sometimes guiding your actions
because pain sometimes is the best teacher
because trauma is sometimes self-inflicted
and that’s a fact, that’s a cold, hard fact
but never mind, we all make mistakes
We all have hurt others
Often we don’t realize
the effect of the path we have taken
We all have permitted anger
to dictate our actions
No one is perfect
But we can make changes
We can immerse ourselves in the quiet
the stillness of dawn or twilight
when creatures of the wild speak
the hawks, the crows and the doves
when the cry of the cicada emerges
and somehow the trauma and the guilt
and regret and shame are gradually

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