Jul 102014

We will be leaving our cats at home while we are on our Western vacation. Lindsey (my daughter-in-law) will be looking in on them and taking care of the essentials. I appreciate this very much. Bought cat grass for them and they are utilizing it. We also have cat scratchers for them. You know, they can’t go out, due to a neighbor’s complaint (long story).


I have become a real cat person since marrying Linda. Two of our beloved cats have survived with us for nearly 10 years. (Our anniversary is coming up.) Fiona is the neurotic one, Lily the “Buddhist cat.” That is, she seems to meditate daily. Fiona has PTSD from losing her mom during nursing, we figure. We love them both. Unconditionally. They are our cat children.


Isn’t that the way it is with love. We love not because the cat (person) is perfect, but because he/she needs us and vice-versa. They do give back a lot in terms of cat affection. Fiona in between exasperating behavior.


We will probably have to move eventually to a place where they can go out and I can negotiate with my failing knees. A lot of step-climbing is involved in going in and out.


Anyone who has ever known a cat knows how individual they can be and intuitive. I swear that Lily, especially, has ESP. She has a tendency to want to take care of you when you are sick. Sweet.


In my view, anyone who abuses or neglects their cat or dog should be fined and jailed.


Our cats don’t work for a living, but they give so much back to us every day in terms of love and the opportunity to love.


I will miss them for these three weeks, just as I miss the people I love when they are far away.


But we’ll be back. And they’ll be mad at us for a while when we return. But then, that’s normal for a cat. And temporary…

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