Nov 122014

When you fully engage with life, things can get very complicated. I am finding that out as I have gotten serious about self-publishing and am dealing with a sometimes very frustrating medical establishment.

Relationships can get very complicated, too, but fortunately mine are stable.

We are also facing a foreclosure on our house in South Carolina and although we have a good lawyer foreclosure is a big deal and has a significant element of uncertainty attached to it. Despite my penchant for Taoism and the I Ching, which often counsel a laid back approach to problem-solving, I think there is also a need to be proactive in dealing with problems, especially in this nation and world. There ARE minefields to circumvent, and one must exercise mindfulness to figure out what to do in each case.

We are lucky that we have an excellent and honest auto mechanic who has kept our cars running well for a number of years now.

Sometimes I come up against a problem that I am simply not equipped to deal with; now, I am not shy about seeking help when I feel over my head. I don’t want to make a small mess into a big one by mucking around when I don’t know what I am doing. Those who think they have all of the answers will be headed for a big surprise when they find out, the hard way, that no one is perfect and wvweyone needs help sometimes.

I believe, with psychologist William James, that everything we do in this life matters and with mystery writer Michael Connelly everyone counts or no one counts. Putting those two ideas together, it is apparent that everything we do in this life matters not only to ourselves, but to others. One can act in such a way that those around us feel affirmed–that they “count”–or the opposite.

Far too often, in this society, we have a tendency to dismiss one segment of the population or the other, to place less values on their lives. This is a huge mistake that has led to social fragmentation and indeed schism between groups. We must resist the tendency to view those who are not like us in some way as the enemy.

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