Patrick Frank has a second Master’s level Counseling degree, and worked in Special Education as a teacher. He has a background in Eastern and humanistic psychology studies. His extensive counseling experience includes working with the mentally ill, addicts and alcoholics, criminal justice clients, and at-risk youth.

Patrick’s writings illustrate a variety of issues: creativity, individuality, assertiveness, and dealing with crisis and grief. Each passage is an encouragement to ponder such subjects and to engage the deepest self in understanding and processing these issues in a personal setting:

  • on Personal Reflection
  • on Homelessness Blues
  • on Creating a Creative Life
  • on Coping with Despair
  • and Choosing Hope

Parallel writing, focusing on the creative process, and illustrations of coping strategies for dealing with homelessness and Bipolar Disorder, can be found here.

Since about 1981, Patrick Frank has been writing country-folk-blues lyrics and poetry with themes of social justice, relationships, spirituality, nature, poverty, and homelessness. The challenges faced by the very poor and working poor find their way into the writing. Participation in the civil rights movement and advocacy work for the poor inspire his words.

Patrick’s work strives for clarity and depth. His work is stimulated by dream material, music, great cinema, physical activity, and exposure to nature. Narratives of social justice, existentialism, poverty, homelessness, mental illness, and the plight of the disabled are interwoven with nature and aspects of human reality, and can be found here.