Apr 182014

It does not matter what you think of me. What I think of myself, at east, matters much more. You are not my judge. You are not my God. Ultimately, I am the one to decide where I stand in this life, in my transitory passage through time.

Does my existence make any difference in the grand scheme of things? Does yours? No one knows for sure. But we have our set of beliefs. Mine is, first, that we live on in the consciousness of those who are left behind. Mine is, also, that there is a mysterious presence in the universe that transcends physical limitations. Call it God, or Alla, or the Great Spirit. (I prefer the latter.) I believe that our individual spirits, the spirit of every living being in the universe, somehow is contained within or comprises the whole. I believe that we all somehow transcend the limitations of the physical universe, and of death itself.

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