Jan 022015

Random reflections:

I need a spiritual community, either liberal Christian, Jewish or Taoist, or maybe participation with all three, who knows?

I reveal as much of my deeper thoughts and feelings as I feel able to friends and family. Some things are not intended for sharing at any given point in time.

Confrontation can be a loving thing.

I have come to accept my early rising.

Trust developed or regained are vital for personal growth. If I am unable to trust, I am unable to love.

It  sometimes feels like a mystery how I lose things and later find them. Call it a poltergeist or call it the Great Spirit. Sometimes, I think, it is one or the other, or both.

I think it is important for growth to admit the things one is ignorant or unsure about. It feels like a growth step when I am able to do that.

The darkness has important important messages to convey, and so does the light.

I wish I knew much more about my early childhood. I think that knowledge would add to my personal growth in the now,

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