Mar 092016

Neckties are one of the few materials that overlap between vintage and crafts.  As with plates, Linda found it difficult to identify how old a tie was. She inquired from other fellow etsians who sold ties, searched the internet, and tried to find books on identifying ages of ties.  She was surprised that a tie design was apparently not sold by the millions.  Very rarely does any tie she might buy match one she already has.

Her tie collection started shortly after her mother began making a quilt out of ties.  Linda didn’t want a project that big and decided to make pillows using the same technique her mother was using.  Since her mother was living in Indiana and she was living in South Carolina at the time, many phone calls were exchanged back and forth as both women worked on their individual projects.

Since the initial pillows, Linda has also made cell phone cases and yoyos out of her neckties and is planning to make purses using the same technique used on the pillows.   Also, she has an enormous amount of pins on her Pinterest site on her board “What Can You Make Out of Men’s Neckties?”  She also has many ideas tucked away on that site and churning away in her imagination about ties.


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