Mar 052015

Love is letting go
It makes the beloved feel free
It frees you up to be

your own person
Your own person

How can you love someone
if you don’t know who you are
separate from anyone else

Love is letting go
It is the opposite of stalking
sometimes it leads

the other to fall in love with you
Sometimes not

Love that is too intense
strays from love, it becomes
an obsession

Love is actually a balance
between reaching out and letting go
like the eagle lets go of the earth

when it soars

When people do not impose

their feelings, that is a form of letting go
When people do not violate boundaries
that is letting go, too

Love is a form of letting go
Love can focus on mind or body
but always mind, and never

only body

Love is a form of letting go
of preconceptions about the other,
coming to know their true self…

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