May 082015

Love and a touch of mystery
They co-exist or don’t exist at all

Give a person space
And love will grow

Confine a person’s spirit and love will eventually die. I learned this lesson the hard way in several past relationships. If you love deeply, you must grant the person freedom to walk down his or her unique path. And you must learn to thrive in a condition of solitude, from time to time.

I have also come to recognize that there is a quality of mystery within myself that can attract the attention of a person who, I feel, wants to possess me in a manner that repels.

I now can sense when I am on the brink of behaving in an emotionally intrusive manner. And I have, thankfully, learned to step back from the precipice before I fall back into the pattern of clinging obsessively to a person in such a way that any spark of mutual love that might exist quickly dies.


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