Sep 072015

Day winding down

and energy fading

I move the space heater

close to my body

take my medicine

Try to feel like the

former me

I have not had a shower

in ages

I have not shot a basketball

in what seems like ages

I need Viagra

but  am allergic to me

I am here, my wife beside me

My eyes are burning

but I am watching sports again

college not pro

the urge to play ball

has not vanished

The urge to write poetry

has not vanished

The urge to give to my friends

and loved ones has not vanished

My birthday is approaching

I have more, much more

to give to my friends and family

I have music to play and listen to

I have the mountains and ocean

I have the crickets in my head

when I meditate

I have the fight for justice

to pursue with others

I’m not ready to die

not by a long shot

I may feel that energy

is draining away from

b ut I believe it will come back

It will come back

I have more living and loving to do

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