Mar 132014

Poetry open mics suddenly suspended in Asheville. What a disappointment! I will switch back to music open mics, I guess….The weather continues fearsome…Feeling pretty good personally. For some reason haunted by that assumed place crash in Asian waters. People an things come and go. It can be very depressing or simply a spiritual eye-opener. The I Ching itself means “The Book of Changes.” If all is impermanency, at some level, then what do we rest on. The “Higher Power” (Its exact form is expressed differently in various religions). Or do we now to create a world where unnecessary impermanency is minimized. People in America tend to move all around the country, sometimes multiple times. Is that necessary or a manifestation of our particular culture? Other aspects of our culture are unfixed. Some of this is good; some is merely unsettling. We think we are settled, and then something significant changes, like the death of a loved one. A part of life, but how does this affect our spirit? I, personally, lived a vagabond life style for many years. Now I am settled down and hope it stays that way for as long as possible. I have found that living in one place does not kill the creative impulse. I used to regard New England “one place,” though within New England moved from town to town and state to state. Was I fooling myself? Yes and no. New England does have an underlying cultural unity, just as the South does. Up to a point…I seem stable roots. I seek diversity and freedom and change, like many poets, artists and other creative people. There is a constant tension played out here. It is something we must deal with sanely, or we may get lost in the process.


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