Jul 202014

A very interesting quote from an inmate on Lockup: “At the end of the day life is about choices. Everything else is an illusion.” Much truth in that statement. Sometimes we try to blur the importance of choice in our lives–with drugs and alcohol, for example. Then, if we have a mental illness or addiction, we conveniently forget that we have a choice whether to seek help for these problems or not. Some people assert that choice is an allusion, that everything is ultimately predetermined, including the choices we make. There is even some psychological research to support this point of view. But I don’t buy this assertion and I think the research will be proven to be shortsighted. It is exciting to me to contemplate the importance of choice in determining the course of one’s life. If choice is of central importance, then freedom is also a reality, no matter how hard we may try to blame others or situations for our fate, for the course that our lives take.

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