Feb 072015

Feeling better makes you feel better than better. Head clearer, more energy, sense of hope, relaxed.

It is a great feeling, but not to be taken for granted. Good and bad feelings come and go for most of us. I try to take advantage of the good while keeping in mind that pain, uncertainty, abuse, injustice, a raging fever may be waiting around the corner. Of course, even the bad times teach us important lessons, like exercising the courage to go forward and to not dump on other people just because you feel bad.  Well, right now I am on the upswing,

Good to remember, also, that I may have contributed to the bad times with a bad attitude: stubbornness, obsessiveness, judgementalism (remember karma).

Life seems like a great wheel turning.  Now I say to my Higher Power, “Help me to give back to the world even while I experience travail.” “Help me to love while experiencing emotional or physical pain.” Help me to demonstrate courage to others…

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