Jun 222015

Folks with a conscience

Folks who care about self AND others

Folks who abhor violence

Folks concerned about the poor

and working poor…

Folks who believe “everyone counts

or no one counts”   (Michael Connerly)

Folks who strive to be open

and honest…

Folks who will admit a mistake

and say I’m sorry sincerely…

It’s time, it’s long since time

to borrow a basketball saying

to step up our game

That means to work that much harder

to take positive action and to do what’s right,

live out our values

We don’t live forever, at least in this earthly state

Let’s do what we can to heal our brokenness

and the brokenness in our culture

and the brokenness in the world

time to step up our game

too much violence and hatred

running free

Too much violence and hatred

too much afraid to speak out

May violence and hatred

not go uncontested

May barriers between people

based on ignorance or pride

be broken down

May creativity be encouraged

May we affirm uniqueness

but not forget what unites us

affirming our bond

in a good way

Let’s step up our game!

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