Jan 262014

Up at five. Physical problems. Maybe my underlying problem is candida (a systemic fungal condition), as Linda suggested. Excited about car we bought–Toyota SUV, very solid and safe. It should get us around the country this summer this summer to visit family and vacation. This new book of mine being published on Kindle–it is feeling more like a job, promoting it. Writing it was the easy part. Understand, I am an introvert. But it will be important to get comments from others to post on Amazon. I can share PDF with FB friends and others for you to read and hopefully then make a positive comment on Amazon. Then, I will have to get out to more open mics. Then, working w/we developer to get our new website out to the world (links, search engines, etc.) Lord, hope I’m up to it. Anyway, this new growth book will be up on Amazon and Kindle by Valentine’s Day. Anyway, my mental status is holding up. As you all know, physical problems can cause psych problems. I already have Bipolar, which is well taken care of by my psychiatrist. But add to it a serious physical condition…It would be a challenge, for sure. I know others of my FB friends have struggled with physical issues. I am not alone in this…Hope it warms up soon: that would help. I am thankful for Linda, her love and support. She’s got that Indiana steadiness that I need, for one thing. I am also glad for other family!

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