Jan 242014


I am fighting back a headache now with heat and medicine. The I Ching calls for constancy, for perseverance, to stay on the path. I am thinking it is better to enter a meeting with no set agenda or preconceived notion of what will occur. I am thinking it is best to respond to aggression with non-aggression without sacrificing one’s principles. I am wondering whether to enter the Open Salon arena on a regular basis. If so, I must remember that I am blogging for my fellow bloggers, not for Salon or the so-called “higher-ups.” Drinking my first cup of java I finally realized last night that my first reaction to trauma is to forget the details surrounding it, while recalling the attendant feelings.

Sending off my letter to Obama today. I also submitted it to USA Today as an “open letter.” I feel some poetry coming on. Picked up a great National Geographic magazine entitled Beyond the Solar System. It is just what I needed, intellectually, along with the two great poetry-philosophy books I am reading.

Thinking about leadership: it must be exercised in the proper manner, not in a dictatorial way, always being sensitive to the needs of those under leadership.


Just a tremendous amount happening here, personally and publishing-wise. I had a dream about to, warning me not to neglect family life. Very intense dream. On top of this my skin problems have gotten worse, and I fear it is candida. I will write a note to the author. There are none or ten symptoms associated with it. Behavior-wise, working on anger, honesty-directness, and action. I feel that February is a pivotal month and 2014 a pivotal year, for myself and for America. I hope that my email to Obama reaches his hands. Nice talk with Craig yesterday. I hope we can play golf in the spring. Going to Grove Park Inn with neighbors Sunday. Where Obama and family stayed, coincidentally. I wonder what it would be light to write a short story. My dad started out with short-shorts. Moderates, especially, need to step up and forget fear of these gun-toting nuts cases. They are bullies, and bullies are cowards at heart. Hope to get to Florid in the next few months to see son and family. I can tolerate the Panhandle. May start blogging mon OS, with reservations, because of bickering and snarkiness that pops up. I have enough trouble with right-wingers to mess around with general bloggers.

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