Jul 172016

I’ve learned a few things
I’ve learned a few things
in this long life

like dusk and dawn
being spiritual moments
in the day

and resting in stillness
can yield magic and healing
It is the beauty of silence

I’ve learned that I am not always right
and there are many things I am not capable
of understanding

and it’s good, very good
to acknowledge your limitations
because no one is perfect

I’ve learned a few things
in this long life

It is vital to seek justice
not only for the self
but also for others

Like “everyone counts or no one counts”
as Michael Connerly put it so succinctly

I have learned that everyone as the desire
to belong somewhere and to be accepted
and to have one’s uniqueness valued

Everyone has the desire to be loved

I have learned that there are people in this world
who want to control everything and everyone
and who want to be the king

There are those who want
everyone else to be a robot
or a clone

But I have learned that
there are also many good people
in this world

Good people who care
about more than amassing riches

They care about more than themselves
and they want to make this world a better place
not only for the rich and powerful,

But a better place for all
for every living thing
upon this planet

this fragile planet spinning through space
this fragile planet, blessed with the gift
of life

life that is precious
so why must we kill
and desecrate?

Why must we

and desecrate the planet,
I ask you?

Well, my answer is, we need not
It is up to us, those with a conscience
to do what we can

to exercise creativity
not only for ourselves
but for others,

for humankind and every other living thing
upon this fragile planet spinning through space…
Yes, I have learned a few things

sometimes through my own grievous errors
I am far from perfect, but my conscience is intact

and I have learned that the conscience
is our saving grace

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