Dec 112014

You’ve got to get yourself together
get yourself together, one more time
one more time, one more time

There are friends who need you
There is the world that needs you
You are not ready to die

You’re too much of a fighter for that
You’re too much of a fighter, you will bring
you will bring, you will bring

yourself back, because those you love
those who love you, those who love
need you, need you, need you

The world is going crazy
people ripping and tearing
at each others’ throats

Yes, the world need, the world needs
one more voice, one more still, small voice
You can check out of here if you want

but look, just look, at what you
will be leaving behind, a world of acrimony
a world of strive, a world of egos

striving all the time to be number one
Each trying to better the other, rise
to the top of the heap

dive into riches, like Uncle Scrooge
as if you can take it with you, well
you can’t

No, it’s not time to leave this world
You have more work to do, more to give
more days and weeks and months

and maybe even years to live
maybe even years to give

You can’t turn away
from those who are tortured
You can’t give up the ghost

“I’ts your life, it’s now or never
you aijn’t gonna live forever
(Adapted from Bon Jovi)

This is it, the time to speak out
for freedom and justice for all
not just one race, not just

one country, not just you
and your family

No, you’ve got to get yourself
together one more time, spit
in the face of death

and shout out, “It’s not my time
not my time, not my time to give
up the ghost and check out

of the world…not my time!

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