Jan 042015

Ingredients of trust-building:






*Healthy boundaries


*Mutual respect


Trust does not develop overnight. Sometimes it takes months, or years to establish itself. But a trusting relationship is worth fighting for. I say fighting for because sometimes comfrontation is needed to get to a higher level of trust. Patience and timing are so important. It is almost impossible to deevelop a trusting relationship overnight. When you think you have accomplished thaqt, it is usually an illusion.

Mutual respect is so important. This imvolves identification of the strengths in the other person. Because no one is strong in all areas. If anyone thinks they are, this is also an illusion.

Once in a while you might to develop trust with a person, but they are just not interested in getting closer. This must be respected when it happens. You accept it and go on to other relationships.

These are my initial thoughts on trust-building, a key aspect of personal trust.

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