Apr 172014

There is so much free stuff available to you as a homeless person: I found a free bus from Northampton to Amherst, then there is the library with internet, then the coffee shops that off a second or third cup, or some coffee shops with free TV, clothes from the Salvation Army, the soup kitchen; I was fortunate to receive free medical care with Health Care for the Homeless. It is important not to abuse these opportunities; be considerate of others, don’t hog stuff, etc. I’m not saying it’s heaven out there, but of you use a little bit of ingenuity, you gain some simple amenities. I swam at a city park, even did a little fishing. You can always go to a park or coffee shop or the library to read and write and be creative. I played basketball at an open court. Just use your brain and adaptive skills, remembering that the ultimate goal is independence–residential and otherwise.

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