Dec 072014

I finally woke up from a dream
and the world, it seems, had changed
or is it me, seeing things differently?

I have made some changes,
doing things I have been avoiding
taking time for deep reflection

You know that saying, “It is what it is”
It may be trite, but but it conveys a truth
The truth is, we must strive to accept

reality, see past illusion, see the good
and bad and in-between in their true perspective
not impose my preconceptions

There is something exciting
about facing the truth, even if the truth hurts
exciting about facing real problems

instead of making things up

My creative mind starts to work
when I am facing real, down to earth problems
like how best to help those I love

how best to deal with physical problems
how best to develop healthy relationships
how best to pursue a creative path

how best tp survive in a country and world
beset by so much hatred and out-of[-control ego
and misunderstanding

and how best to rid myself of ego
so that I can truly attend to others’ needs
not just focus on myself

The challenge of facing the truth
It stirs my creative mind, it leads me
to take mindful action

mindful action, out in the world


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